The Brief

Mary Katranzou is an award-winning fashion innovator whose brand is defined by her dynamic, feminine and elegant collection of digital prints.

Much like how Mary Katranzou has succeeded in transforming women’s twenty-first-century fashion, we sought to transform and revitalize the brand’s online presence.

Not only did we strive to establish a comprehensive, user-friendly e-Commerce platform to generate higher revenue for the brand, but we also maintained Mary Katranzou’s identity as an influential fashion architect.



Mary Katrantzou

Project date

June 2017


E-Commerce · Fashion · Shopify

Mary Katranzou Shopify header image colourful dresses and clutch bags
Mary Katrantzou shopify product listings different sized display boxes
Mary Katrantzou Shopify Product Page full length with suggested products

Commerce As Our Focal Point

In order to maximize sales, our UX team combined skills with our web designers to construct an online store which delivered a seamless user journey.

Creating a quick and easy route to the shop, by carefully implementing links to featured products around various pages, assisted us in making commerce a focal point in this project.

Mary Katrantzou model on runway look 1
Mary Katrantzou screenshot projects
Mary KAtrantzou product display optical illusion dress

Shopify PLUS: The Perfect Platform

It was evident to us that Shopify PLUS was the perfect platform for Mary Kantranzou’s online store, given the variety of available e-Commerce features and functionalities.

Inclusive of these features was a customizable checkout that would accept foreign currencies, international messenger marketing and multiple local stores with different inventories.

Mary Katrantzou Shopify four models BTS in bright colourful dresses

Mary Katrantzou shopify ruffle floral bright colour dress skirt

parade of models on a runway

two female models red lipstick

female model wears vibrant dress

dress textures colourful

Responsiveness and Performance

We also focused on securing high levels of responsiveness across all devices and browsers to enhance the user journey. Alongside this, we aimed to simplify and optimize the content in order to improve overall performance.

collection of white iphones with mobile design