Combining Country with City

Pulbrook & Gould have been reputable in creating, showcasing and delivering their iconic floral compositions to the London market since 1956.

At the heart of their business is the desire to establish a sophisticated, artistic and extravagant final product to be displayed in London homes, which also reflects a classic English country look.



Pulbrook & Gould

Project date

July 2016


E-Commerce · Shopify

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Origins of the Brand

Uncover the history of the brand by taking a journey through the captivating timeline of events that illustrates the relationship between the traditional and the contemporary.

Understanding the origins of Pulbrook & Gould assists the user in gaging not only how the business came to establish their philosophy, but also how they established themselves as an impressive, sophisticated and distinguished florist.

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Personalizing The Experience

A challenge we faced was maintaining a balance between providing a personal shopping experience for the user, whilst also striving to maximize sales for the business.

Adopting a particular Shopify plugin enabled us to overcome this challenge, through customizing the online store to comply with complex shipping rules which varied depending on the London postcode, the weight of the total order and the time and date of the week.

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