Our Brief

The Rug Company have been pioneers in delivering luxury contemporary rugs to customers all over the globe since 1997.

We were asked to revitalize the brand to correspond with the company’s 20th anniversary.


The Rug Company

Project date




The brand

A key objective of this rebranding was to provide customers with a smooth, consistent user journey both online and offline.

We had 4 ½ months to plan, design and develop the website, so that the launch would line-up with The Rug Company’s partnership with the Farrow & Ball.

Optimizing the user journey

We built the website on Magento 2, which enabled us to implement an array of features and functionalities, which portrayed the company’s unique identity. Incorporating astonishing imagery, engaging content and various textures and colours enhanced the user experience.

The result

Our vision for The Rug Company didn’t stop post-website launch.

We included functionalities that will allow customers to interact with 3D imagery in the future, extending opportunities further which will let users to virtually place rugs in their own homes.

Mary Katrantzou