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Shopify vs Shopify PLUS

So you’ve decided to build a website for your business. You’ve come across Shopify, a reliable worldwide e-Commerce solution used by hundreds of thousands of online stores, but you want to find out more.

Shopify strives to make the online exchange of goods and services as user-friendly as possible for both the business owner and the consumer.

The sheer volume of online stores around the world that thrive off Shopify-built websites is reflective of its success as a comprehensive digital platform.

Business owners like you can choose from hundreds of digital templates, integrations and apps to create a customized website which, not only complements their brand but also provides them with the ability to monitor their products, organize their content and manage their overall business all in the same place.

Sound good? Well, now you have a decision to make.

Do you choose the basic Shopify package or do you upgrade to the more advanced version, Shopify PLUS?

If you are unsure as to which one to go for, I would firstly reco­­mmend experiencing a free 14-day trial.

If you have already done that and are still unsure as to which package is the most suitable for your business, keep reading.


Who uses Shopify PLUS?


Firstly, let’s identify some of the clients who reap the benefits of Shopify PLUS. Major global clients such as The Economist and Budweiser enjoy the advanced features, extensions and support provided by Shopify PLUS.

So, it’s fair to say that if you are a large business with high-volume sales, Shopify PLUS would be beneficial in driving your business. Smaller-medium sized businesses who require fewer features and less maintenance tend to adopt the basic Shopify plan.

But that’s not to say that Shopify PLUS can’t benefit a smaller-medium sized business.


Why Shopify PLUS may not be right for your business


As I already mentioned, Shopify PLUS fits a large enterprise business model which requires a range of sophisticated features and functionalities.

Therefore, Shopify PLUS may not be the best option for you if you are a smaller business.

Additionally, if your website is likely to consist of lots of blog posts, given the e-Commerce nature of Shopify, it may not have the suitable functionalities for your website.

You will require some degree of training once you’ve adopted Shopify PLUS as your online business platform. If you do not feel comfortable managing the backend, then you may not find Shopify as beneficial as others.

Nonetheless, have a read of the following features and advantages of Shopify PLUS before making your decision.


What has Shopify PLUS got that Shopify doesn’t?


So why would you pay extra for Shopify PLUS? Let’s discuss its main advantages.


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24/7 Priority Technical Support

While basic Shopify provides 24/7 Technical Support for its subscribers, Shopify PLUS offers a broader range of support, including 24/7 Priority Technical Support and dedicated Launch Managers and Merchant Success Managers.

This is ideal for setting up an online business as managers go an extra step further in monitoring your website post-launch, offering platform training for business owners and advice on maximizing sales.

This allows business owners to enjoy lower maintenance costs, as Shopify managers provide the additional support needed which hired external technical staff would otherwise carry out.


Lower Transaction Fees

Shopify PLUS business owners also face lower transaction fees of less than 0.2% per transaction, as opposed to higher transaction fees with Shopify basic ranging between 0.5% and 2%.

This is ideal for businesses with high-volume sales.


Higher Level of Customization

The extra monthly cost provides business owners with extra tools and features that would enable you to boost your creativity and optimize user experience.

Shopify PLUS allows business owners to customize pages that are not customizable with Shopify basic, for example, the checkout page can be tailored to match your brand specifications.

You also have control over payment processing features.

Check out some of the top Shopify themes here.



Simplified checkout

Not only can you customize your checkout with Shopify PLUS, but you will also experience a simplified checkout system which shares the same domain as your website – a feature Shopify basic lacks.

Approximately 10,000 transactions are made per minute across Shopify stores, so if your business is experiencing high-volume transactions then it’ll work to support high-volume sales.

This contributes to an optimal user experience.

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Unlimited staff accounts

If your business has 15 managers or more, Shopify PLUS is an ideal platform for you as you are able to add unlimited accounts to access your online store.


International e-Commerce

If you’re a large business seeking to expand on an international scale, or you already have stores located globally, then you’ll enjoy the benefit of being able to create up to 10 clone stores with Shopify PLUS, which support multiple languages and currencies.


Wholesale channel

A useful feature of Shopify PLUS is the wholesale channel, which allows business owners to track wholesale customers and orders. You also have the option of directly selling your goods and services through social media marketplaces such as Amazon, eBay, Facebook etc.

This is great for attracting a wide audience.


Integrations and reporting

Shopify PLUS enables business owners to create and share reports and analytics, so that customer behavior and sales flows can be monitored without using third-party features.



Shopify PLUS is also a highly secure platform for both businesses and consumers.



Shopify PLUS delivers a series of APIs which are successful in optimizing user experience. These include:

  • Shopify Multipass API – this increases the ease at which customers log in to the website
  • Shopify Gif Card API – this allows customers to pay with a gift card
  • Shopify Discount API – this offers a discount feature

…and many more.


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These are just a handful of the advantages of Shopify PLUS. If you want to explore what Shopify PLUS could do for your business then click here and request a quote.