Top 20 Shopify Apps 2018

Shopify is an extremely popular tool for online business owners as it provides them with a wide variety of features and functionalities designed to drive sales and optimize user experience.

These features and functionalities can be extended, however, by choosing to install any of Shopify’s hundreds of apps (1000+ available). Whether you want to improve your customer service,  marketing or reporting, the Shopify app store can provide you with many solutions that target these areas.

What is great about these apps is that you can download many of them for free, which means you are adding value to the functionality of your website which is likely to boost your sales –  without paying any extra for the service!

I understand that over a thousand apps is quite a large quantity to sift through, so I’ve tried to make it a bit easier for you by selecting my top 20 high-impact Shopify apps for this year, to make operating your online business as seamless as possible.


1. Conversio


Conversio is an email marketing app, which is designed to send follow-up, abandoned cart and newsletter emails to your customers. Other features include customizable receipts and customer feedback. This is especially valuable to small businesses that are looking to achieve growth in sales, repeat purchases and increased brand awareness in an ever-increasing competitive world.

Price: From $20 / month

Free Trial: 30 days


2. provides a comprehensive platform for referral marketing, by offering rewards and VIP schemes to your customers. By achieving true customer loyalty and encouraging existing customers to send referrals to their contacts, you are likely to drive more sales.

And it’s free! So essentially you can increase sales revenue for no extra profit.

Price: FREE


3. Wishlist Plus


Wishlist Plus can maximize your sales through its ‘Wishlist’ feature, which can be implemented on your Shopify store to allow customers to keep a note of their desired products. That way, if a customer doesn’t wish to purchase an item immediately, they will be reminded of it later in their Wishlist basket.

Not only does it serve to help the customer, but it also provides you with an insight as to which products are most popular amongst your online users.

Price: From $0 / month

Free Trial: 14 days


4. Pinterest Buyable Pins


This form of social media marketing allows you to buy Pins, which enables customers to purchase your products directly through the Pinterest app. This is a worthwhile investment in your online store as it makes the purchasing process quick and accessible for your customers, therefore maximizing sales.

Price: $29 / month


5. Plug In SEO


This Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tool will let you monitor your site’s performance for no extra charge! The app will consistently monitor your site and automatically notify you if there are any problems you need to fix.

Price: FREE


6. Trust Hero


Reduce the rate of incomplete transactions or abandoned carts by implementing Trust Hero in your online store. This app provides an element of security for customers when buying from your site, and therefore will result in more sales revenue for your business.

Price: FREE


7. Happy Checkout


Happy Checkout provides users with a thank-you-page upon completing an order, as well as incorporating a social component by displaying social media links and an opportunity to stay updated with your store.

Price: $5.99 / month

Free trial: 7 days


8. Oberlo


Oberlo is a super useful tool which allows business owners like yourself to easily import products to your online store, ship products to customers, and to monitor your prices and inventory. Over 85 million products have been shipped around the world with Oberlo, so why not get started now?

Price: From $0 / month



9. PushOwl


Reduce the number of abandoned carts on your site by allowing PushOwl to send reminder notifications to customers who have incomplete transactions. Not only that, PushOwl sends out automated messages for discounts and promotions.

Price: From $0 / month


10. Pre-Order Manager


As suggested in the name, Pre-Order Manager looks after your pre-orders for your whole store or for individual products. This app is customizable, giving you the freedom to design your button and description to match your storefront specifications.

Price: From $0 / month


11. Klaviyo


Klaviyo provides a range of marketing features to help you boost your sales, including targeted Facebook and Instagram marketing, responsive email templates and automated abandoned carts notifications.

Price: FREE


12. Mailchimp


This app monitors your customers’ behaviour and sends out relevant targeted emails and newsletters to match their shopping behaviour.

Price: From $0 / month


13. ReferralCandy


A similar concept to in terms of rewards and loyalty schemes for your customers, ReferralCandy also lets you customize your rewards for your customers to motivate them to share your online store and individual products to their contacts.

Price: $49 / month

Free Trial: 30 days


14. Snapppt


Why not try social media marketing with Snapppt? Much like Pinterest Buyable Pins, Snapppt makes it possible for Instagram users to purchase your products through your Instagram page by clicking on embedded links on your posts.

Price: FREE


15. Yotpo


Generate more sales by giving your customers the ability to leave product and site reviews with Yotpo’s in-built form.

Price: From $0 / month


16. Kit


Kit is a Facebook marketing app that allows you to implement targeted relevant Facebook and Instagram ads to drive your sales. This app is better suited to small businesses and also manages email marketing and social media posts.

Price: FREE


17. Recart


Recart is a unique Messenger Marketing app that allows business owners to boost their sales through implementing automated Facebook Messenger, Email and Push messages, which are helpful in following-up abandoned carts and checkouts. Recart is used in more than 45,000 e-Commerce stores.

Price: From $0 / month

Free trial: 28 days


18. SEO Image Optimizer


SEO Image Optimizer specializes in gaining business owners increased traffic and sales from Google Image Search.

Price: FREE


19. LoyaltyLion


This app is ideal for designing loyalty schemes for your online customers. LoyaltyLion does this by driving customers back to your site, encouraging them to make repeat purchases and motivating online users to refer your site and products to their friends and family.

Price: From $0 / month

Free trial: 14 days


20. Sumo


Sumo seeks to boost sales and revenue for business owners through marketing strategies such as monitoring cart abandonment and increasing conversion rates by encouraging customers to subscribe to your newsletters.

Price: From $0 / month